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its definitely been a loooong time since I wrote updating you guys about my proyects. What have I been up to you ask? well, let me tell you that right after finishing the Zombies hate KungFu graphic novel for Kickstarter, I landed in a small and local studio where I did background designs for a five episode children series backed by the culture department of my country. It hasn´t seen the light yet but there is a chance cinema theaters are interested in buying the series and finally show it to the general public.


After finishing the small children series ( called Martin and Prika ) we started working for the role playing driven series Harmon Quest for Starburns ( you might see some episodes on Youtube ) and the complete ten episodes on Seeso. I worked doing backgrounds for the series and I finished everything I was asked to do but unfortunately there was a really bad financial and administrative management that made the studio broke left everyone nonpaid for almost 4 months. I wish I could have never passed through that but in the end it made land in another cool proyect.


Yes, I have made graphic novels, background for animated series and now I´m working on concept design for a video game that you might see in the near future and available through Steam. We would see how things get developed and if everything goes well then there is a really good chance you see it and also play it.

In the mean time I have also worked doing comissions for small clients ( like some dragons requests that you can check in my gallery, they are really hot so don´t miss them ! )

Ok, once again that will be all for now. I´ll be back in a couple of months and give you another update on how the game is coming up. Good luck with your proyects guys.
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