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Its been a while since i posted some news and i apologize for that, i have been really bussy working on several projects that include doing the usual illustrations for the Quikie section of Shock magazine, a couple of comissions, comic pages and plenty of more stuff which i cant reveal yet.

In the new issue of Shock magazine my editor asked me to do a free subject illustration for the content and another one for the Quickie about a popular Colombian Salsa Singer called Joe Arroyo ( who recently passed away ). Actually it wasnt about the singer itself, but the actor who portraits him in the tv series. I uploaded the photos of both illustrations to the gallery, you can check them out at the Shock Folder.

Also i´ve been informed that i got published at the Souvenir Comicon book but i wont be able to show photos untyl the book its sent to me in a couple of days. If you can´t wait untyl then, i already uploaded my anniversary illustrations for this year themes, Bone, Spy vs Spy, Fantastic Four and The year that comics grew up.

What else...oh yeah, i recently finished working in some awesome comic pages for a client, so you will finally see more of my sequential art, which i should upload more often since i´m a proclaimed comic book artist, hehehe.

And finally let me tell you that i´m working on some more pieces that will be published in the next couple of months, so you gotta be around here for more news and ElDeivi´s art.

ok, i think thats all i have to tell you for now Deviants.

Stay Tunned!
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Submitted on
July 24, 2011