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Hey Deviants, Hows everything going?

I´m glad to announce that i´m back at drawing the Quickie section for the popular culture magazine SHOCK. For those who doesnt know about the mag, its a Colombian publication that talks about the latest in music and popular culture and its been awarded two times.

What is the Quickie section? its a small and quick interview at the end of the magazine where popular and famous Colombian actors and actresses reveal a little bit of themselfs and i´m the illustrator responsable of doing the pop/comic portraits of those artists.

This month Quickie is about the actress, model and newscaster Paola Turbay. ( i think she has been on some episodes of True Blood too ) you can check the illustration here :… here :…

and the magazine link :

In other news,
I would like to talk about the manga book i´m going to be  featured in April. Its a book called SHONEN MANGA / Action packed. It will be a trade paperback published by world famous Harper Collins and Kamikaze Studio.
It will feature an illustration of how to do manga robots ( Gurren Lagann style ) by yours truly.

That will be all the news by now Deviants.

Stay tunned!
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Didi-Esmeralda Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012   Digital Artist
Genial el arte de Paola Turbay!!!waaa que gran talento, Felicitaciones.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eldeivi Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
Muchas gracias Didi! me alegro que te guste como quedo el Quickie de Paola, pendiente de los que vienen!

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Submitted on
February 23, 2012